‘Bullet to the head of the NRA’: video game where players can shoot NRA official released
If you have a bend for videogames which involve public figures well now "Bullet to the head of the NRA" is available. The game was created by game developer "gizmo01942" on a forum and it involves NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre as a target. The developer encouraged everyone to share it “especially gun-nut and anti-game websites.”

Pete McNamara, writer for Free Republic says what he felt when he tried the game: “And in the game was a virtual Wayne LaPierre, standing at his podium, giving his speech… with a crosshair over his head. Before I could even utter a word to scold my child, he clicked his mouse. And the virtual Wayne LaPierre’s face disappeared in a spray of blood.”

LaPierre recently spoke in public about the Sandy Hook massacre and the way video games can have an influence on young generations. That's probably why the game was developed: some sort of satirical aim.  

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