Dog shaved to look like a lion create panic in Norfolk
Police called the Virginia Zoo around 10:15 am to make sure the lions were all accounted for, said Winfield Danielson, a zoo spokesman. The reason they did that is for a caller who reported a baby lion walking down the streets. The truth was that the animal wasn't the king but just a dog shaved to make it look like a lion. Charles is a cross of Labrador retriever and poodle shaved to look like the mascot of Old Dominion University. He likes to dine at University Pizza. "He has a thousand-and-200-some friends on Facebook," Painter said Tuesday. It wasn't the first time Charles had generated a police call. Painter said the police have told him several times that his dog has been mistaken for a lion. He said he's taken his dog from his Riverview home to Lafayette Park near the zoo and seen people run to their cars in shock: "I tell people he's a Lab-a-lion, and half the people believe that."

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