Domestic violence caused by husband’s fart and wife’s Lysol spray
Talking about violence, it must have been a lucky day for a South Carolina couple who were reported to the police for domestic disturbance. Shannon Manatis, 41 and her husband Michael Manatis, 46 were heard from a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office deputy who wrote a report about the whole incident. Apparently the man farts next to his wife who certainly didn't appreciate as she said according to the report police: "it was bad enough to make her almost puke,". After that she took a can of vanilla-scented Lysol and sprayed the area where her husband was standing, but according to the man's report, his wife purposely sprayed him in the eyes. As a response to the woman's act he threw some water at her followed by a plastic bottle of water, but his sweet half told the officer that she was hit by a glass of tea. After the deputy inspected their place to confirm their version of the facts he reported that: “Upon my original arrival to the residence there was a clear liquid on the back door and floor. This was not consistent with tea but is believed to be water". The funny thing about the case is that the police freed the couple for lack of evidence, saving them from some times behind bars.

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