Hawaian fishermen caught a 7-foot ‘headless’ fish, baffles experts
A mysterious 7-foot fish was caught by Hawaian fishermen, its mystery is based on the absence of a head. "I thought it was a car bumper, but then I remembered they don't float," said Jack Leverone. It was probably because of a shark but the men who caught it decided to keep it anyway. Once they cooked it though they discovered that even its flavour was unusual: "When they cooked it, the flesh turned gelatinous, so they passed." The fish must belong to a species called ridge scabbardfish which lives at great depths and so its meetings with humans are very rare. NOOA biologists were also asked to identify the fish but no positive answer was given, leaving the men with their own mystery unsolved. Photo of Capt. Dale Leverone, his son, and the mystery fish (Courtesy Capt. Dale Leverone)

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