It’s a glorious new record: Gang member, Rasoul Speight, arrested with 100 bags of heroin in his anus!

In what seems to be a new world record, a bloods gang member has been found to be carrying a whooping number of 100 bags of heroin... in his anus. It is hard to believe the extent to which these crack heads will go to get past the Police check points.

The center of attraction this time is Rasoul Speigt. He is facing charges of narcotics after the suspect was arrested by New Jersey cops yesterday after they found the hidden stash of heroin in his anus.  

Rasoul Speigt who is 32 years old was travelling on Palisades Interstate Parkway when his 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer was stopped by the police for a routine checkup. After police smelled some traces of Marijuana in the car, they got the permission of checking the car.

Still the police did not get anything concrete but the passengers, both Gary Sylak, 25 and Peight were arrested due to their outstanding charges. While at the police station, Speight was found to be in possession of heroin which is worth $1000 in New York and double the amount in the upstate where the duo was headed.

They were jailed in lieu of $38,500 bail on a pair of felony drug counts.

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