Katt Williams is arrested AGAIN!
The 44 year old comedian was arrested again for not showing up in a trial in Sacramento after a police chase in November, after which  he was charged with evasion and dangerous driving. He's now held under $100.500 and the police caught him after a wait outside his Los Angeles house, in which he kept guns which for L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services was enough to put his children under custody. After he was released he said: 'How do you keep kids safe without guns?' He also denied he kept drugs with him but cannabis was also found in his place and his comment to that was: : 'Weed is not a drug.' which for counterculture could even be true but unluckly McKenna is now 6 feet under and can't help the man... ...who started behave in a horrid way with everybody: attacked rappers, threw cigarettes to families and invited people to fight.

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