Landlord, Dennis Alan Van Dusen, is accused of secretly recording his tenants with a tiny camera
Maryland -- a 63-year-old landlord, who is also a Harvard Graduate a lawyer, Dennis Alan Van Dusen, was arrested when one of her female tenants, who by reading a Cosmopolitan magazine decided to search her apartment for any hidden camera, found a hidden camera installed in the smoke detector above her bed.

MSN News reported that the peeping tom is scheduled to appear in Montgomery County District Court on March 4 for the charges regarding the secret recordings he made of his 3 female tenants while there were engaged in some sexual activity or undressed.

Aside from this, the two other victims and one of the victim's partners were also filing their separate civil charges based on invasion of privacy

A.P. Pishevar, the lawyer who represents Van Dusen in the civil suit said, "[Van Dusan is] a good man who has served his country as a retired Marine. These accusations are false and defamatory and will be challenged in a court of law."

The Washington Post also said that Van Dusen's defending attorney in the criminal case, Samuel Delgado, in an effort to vindicate his client will have further investigations on all the evidences.

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