Las Vegas woman has an affair with adopted son and try to kill husband together
Police in Las Vegas arrested Amy Pearson on Monday and charged with murder for trying to kill her husband, Robert Bessey. The couple’s adopted son, Michael Bessey has also been charged in the murder plot, and was having an affair with Pearson, the police reported. Amy Pearson, 42, was involved in a romantic relationship with her adopted son, 21 year old Michael Bessey, a police report released on Monday stated, and had nearly completed a divorce with Robert Bessey, 49 years old. Once the divorce was completed, Pearson would no longer have a legal claim to the $250,000 life insurance policy, the police said. On November 14th, Robert Bessey was driving his car on Interstate 15 when a gold SUV pulled up next to him and one of the occupants shot him in the neck. Bessey survived the attempt and called 911 with his cellphone. Surveillence video at a gas station placed Michael Bessey and Richard Pearson, 39, in the van shortly before the crime occurred. "Michael and Amy were very close," Robert Bessey told police, apparently, that was a factor in the divorce. Police initially didn’t arrest Amy Pearson, but they built a case against her. Michael Bessey sent a letter to Pearson after his arrest, and pleaded for his father to drop the charges against him. "Robert had read the entire letter, which stated, 'I miss touching you,'" the police report said. "He and Amy Pearson were to receive $400,000 in total benefits,” the police report stated. “He was going to buy a truck, his mother was going to pay off her mortgage, and the two would never have to work again.” "That's what happens when you send a boy to do [a] woman's work," Pearson was reported to have said to the police.

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