Mind blowing
Massive star explosion captured in a rare picture
Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array by NASA which captures images in X-ray light, shows Cassiopeia-A explosion. That is unfortunately the destiny of every star in our universe. Cassiopeia-A was a supernova 11.000 light years away from Earth. The researchers have declared that the light of the explosion reached the Earth 300 years ago, that also makes you think about distances between us and the little grey beings! When the star exploded it created x-ray light which is due to the shock wave crashing into closer particles. In the picture it is represented by the blue ring. NuSTAR principal investigator Fiona Harrison said that our technology developed very fast and we're now able to look at this detailed pictures which would have been just a dot if they had used old Chandra X-Ray Observatory. NuSTAR was worth  $165 millions and was launched in June 2012 on a 2 year mission to probe high energy areas in our universe, it should help scientists to understand how black holes work.  

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