Racist signs at school playgrounds are polite in English… but threatening in Spanish
Delaware school playgrounds have been marked by an intimidatng sign. The problem is the threatning part is just written in spanish whereas in English it is nice and sunny. In English, the signs say that parental supervision is required and that kids should "play at their own risk," but in Spanish, the text says that a permit is required to use the equipment and without one, violators could face police action. Radio host Dan Gaffney posted a picture of them on Facebook, equating them to the "Whites Only" warnings that existed in abundance before the civil rights movement. Milford School District Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Kohel decided to remove the signs herself “I didn’t want to wait,” as she declared later. A reasonable example to give to the community. Video still of English and Spanish signs at a Delaware playground (© Delaware Online,

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