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Restaurant waitress serves food naked to celebrate her last night on the job
A waitress decided to celebrate her last day of work by serving the tables only wearing stockings, a wig and boots. The message "Peace out" was scrawled on her back in black marker. Harlem resident Vicky Oyomba told the Daily News diners got a kick out of the dinnertime strip show. "We didn't think it was a big deal," the 26 year old woman said. "This is New York City. Seeing naked people somewhere is normal." A waitress told Oyomba and her date the wigs were in honor of a co-worker who was leaving. Sometime around midnight, after the pair split steak and sweet potatoes and an apple cranberry sundae, Oyomba said a loud cheer erupted in the restaurant. She looked up and saw the waitress who had taken her dessert order slinking through the place naked. "She hugged a few people to say goodbye and then made her way around the restaurant," she said. Her photo was soon posted on Twitter by her manager: "So there definitely is a 95% naked waitress serving patrons at Roberta's in #BK right now!!!" she wrote. A writer for Gawker also witnessed the scene. Max Read wrote on Monday that staffers said the stunt was a "farewell gesture" because she was leaving on Friday. Oyomba said the pizza peep show didn't spoiled her date's mood: "It was fun. I think he took the same attitude as me," she said. "But it was still a bit shocking."

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