Romance is not dead: Man steals truck to stop ex-girlfriend’s wedding
The man rushes to his ex girlfriend’s home, on the day of her wedding, in a truck that he stole on his way to plead her to not to marry the other guy. In case you are wondering, that it’s a story from any Hollywood movie, then you are totally wrong. Andrew Curtis had to steal a truck that was unlocked and running, after his friend refused to drive him to his ex girlfriend’s house. Sadly the girl did not agree to ditch the wedding for his heroism. As he was coming back to return the vehicle with a broken heart, he smashed into a church parking lot. The damage is estimated to be $1,000. The police state that he is presently out on bail. Police officiers told The Times that the poor guy eventually returned the truck to its original parking place, then told officers at the scene that he took it while trying to persuade his ex-girlfriend not to get married. Happy endings only happen in movies...

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