Sicko who handcuffed himself to a co-worker to ask her on a date gets 10-year sentence
What happens when you like a girl? The shy one would probably try asking after long waits or, in the case of the direct people, they just go to the person and ask them out the moment they see them. Jason Earl Dean wanted to be more original and now he gets 10 years (4 years and 6 more on probation) in prison for handcuffing himself to a co-worker to ask her on a date. "Four years is to be served in the department of corrections, while the remainder is to be served on probation with specific conditions." lawyer Alan Norton told the Catoosa News. Former Georgia Taco Bell employee decided to use the hard ways with an 18 year old collegue after she refused several times to go out with him. The other collegues got out as soon as she started screaming and the man was arrested.

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