Teens save kids from kidnapping attempt by a man who claimed he was Obama
Sharaya Smith, 28 was with her children in a park when this incident happened. The woman was with her 4 years old daughter Tatiana and 3 years old nephew Dante at a playground in New Port Richey, Florida.

Then Bienvenido Cintron, 34 entered the park. The man started shouting that he was Obama and that he was sent to get rid of drug dealers and prostitutes. Smith knew immediately that the guy was not sane.

The kidnapper tried to snatch the kids, after calling the 4 years old girl a prostitute, as the desperate mother tried to grab the children to safety. Hearing the shouts of the lady, some teenagers - who apparently voted Romney - came to the scene and helped the lady. ”One of them had their hand on me and one was by [Tatiana] and one was by Dante … And they made sure that he didn’t touch the kids. And they didn’t leave.” Smith said after the incident. The mother was escorted to safety by her relative.

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