The boy who killed his violent neo-nazi father blames the TV show ‘Criminal Minds’
A 10 year old child saw an episode of the CBS drama that depicted a boy killing his abusive father. In the episode, the boy is not arrested in the slaying. He did the same thing to his violent Neo-Nazi father. Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez said: “Obviously in a case like this when we’re talking about whether or not a 10-year-old boy can formulate the intent to commit first-degree murder, there’s issues of whether or not he can comprehend what he’s doing.” Even if there could be thoughts about the passive influence of the episode of Criminal Minds, the child has a violent past already. Clinical psychologist Anna Salter testified that Hall had been conditioned to violence due to physical and emotional abuse. Salter said: “He did know he was wrong (to shoot his father), he said it in many ways, including that night.” Defender Matthew Hardy said that the charges against Hall should be dismissed because prosecutors had not proven that the boy was culpable. He's right now awaiting the trial.

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