TV Show’s cancellation causes uproar in Thailand
Channel 3 in Thailand decided not to broadcast the remaining episodes of the hit series Neua Mek 2. According to The Associated Press, the show was reportedly pulled before the final episodes had aired because they thought its contents were unsuitable. The episode caused an uproar and Prime Minister’s Office minister Warathep Rattanakorn said on Saturday: “those who know best [about the issue] are the broadcaster, producers and related personnel.” Asian Correspondent reports that many viewers believe the government may have played a role in getting the popular soap opera kicked off the air. Although the Pheu Thai Party has said it was not involved in the show’s cancellation, sources claim the Prime Minister’s office let Channel 3 decide how to end the series. This ultimately let to the cancellation. The AP explains that Channel 3 feared it was in violation of Section 37 of the Broadcast and Telecommunications Operations Act. The section states that “content that seeks to overthrow the constitutional monarchy, threatens national security or morality, or constitutes profanity or causes severe harm to people’s mental or physical health” is prohibited. Neua Mek 2 is about a corrupt prime minister who dabbles in black magic and engages in a political manipulation.

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